Cornelissen Company attaches great importance to safety, sustainability and quality. We therefore choose to comply with several quality hallmarks. For us a quality mark or certificate is not just a nice piece of paper. Safety, sustainability and quality are interwoven throughout our company. Feel free to ask our employees about it.

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Our certificates

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. The goal of the quality management system is to let the organisation focus on continuous improvement to increase customer satisfaction.


As a food industry logistics partner, this standard lets us demonstrate to a whole range of transport and storage companies that we have the risks associated with food safety under control.


The GDP Certificate is intended to maintain the quality level surrounding the distribution network of medicines, in order to guarantee medicinal quality. GDP stands for Good Distribution Practice. It is a quality system for warehouses and distribution centres for medicines.


TAPA staat voor Transported Asset Protection Association en kent diverse certificeringen. Met een TAPA-certificaat kunnen bedrijven aantonen dat de bedrijfsprocessen voor het beveiligen van goederen op orde zijn. TAPA Facility Secruity Requirement (FSR) is ontworpen om te worden afgestemd op de missie van TAPA om vrachtverlies uit de toeleveringsketen te minimaliseren met een verhoogde veerkracht van…


TAPA Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) outlines the processes and specifications for suppliers to achieve TAPA compliance with the TSR for their truck, trucking and transportation activities. The TSR is a tool intended for users and providers of truck services, specifying the minimum acceptable security standards and frameworks for goods travelling through the supply chain and…


The AEO Certificate (Authorised Economic Operator) is issued by Customs to companies operating internationally. An AEO certificate offers companies advantages in international trade, e.g. they are less strictly controlled in cross-border trade, reducing border delays. A company must meet a number of safety criteria to obtain the status of Authorised Economic Operator. These criteria are…


PayChecked in Transport is a quality mark with which transport companies demonstrate that they pay their employees as agreed in the CAO (collective employment agreement) and that their personnel and payroll administration is in order.


EPAL EPAL is the trade association for europallets. Cornelissen Pallets has an official EPAL licence for distributing and trading in used pallets. This ensures that all our pallets comply with all the requirements of the Technical Regulations of EPAL, EN 13698-1 (Euro pallets) and EN 13626/DIN15155 (Euro Box pallets). 

LPR depot

Cornelissen Company is an official and certified LPR depot. We take care of the management, logistics and repair of the familiar red pallets. Through close cooperation with our partners in other countries, we can deliver standardised quality in Europe that meets the highest requirements.