Cornelissen Group

Jo Cornelissen began his transportation company in Nijmegen in 1930. Coal was carried by horse and car to the local gasworks. We are proud of our company’s history. For instance, Cornelissen was actively involved in rebuilding Nijmegen after the Second World War, by also taking on some of the groundwork. One of the first clients for which Cornelissen provided road haulage was the former paper producer, Nederlandse Export Papierfabriek. That was in 1935. After a long series of takeovers and changes of name, the company is still in Cornelissen’s customer list.

In particular, since relocating to Hogelandseweg in 1999, Cornelissen has grown to become a modern, all-round logistics service provider with a variety of divisions, and solutions for logistics issues both at home and abroad.

With a number of warehouses, 200 of its own trucks, around 300 employees and a large number of satisfied clients, we are ready for the future. Standing still is not an option for us. We would like to cordially invite you to journey further with us.