Albert Heijn

Distribution work for Ahold is a competitive sport. That’s why we only work with the best carriers in the Netherlands.

In an extremely challenging environment, our focus is on the complete and timely delivery of goods to our outlets and customers.

Quiet, safe, efficient and clean delivery requires a ‘better every day’ performance culture alongside smart innovations in processes, vehicle fleet and transport organisation.

Ahold has opted to make the sustainable improvement of our customers’ living environment a strategic pillar in our business operations. The interplay between manufacturers, fuel suppliers, Ahold and its carriers to make these innovations possible, can only happen based on strategic cooperation.

Cornelissen has been one of our strategic carriers for many years; its flexibility in operations and innovative strength in its fleet means it fits seamlessly with our mission of quiet, safe, efficient and clean transport. The company has taken impressive steps in recent years. The growth initiated both within and outside Ahold, has led to a further professionalisation of the Cornelissen Group. What it is now is a nationwide quality player of stature. It is with great confidence that we look forward to working with Cornelissen Transport in the future.