Albert Heijn deploys blockchain for more efficient transport


More sustainable and efficient transport. To achieve this goal, Albert Heijn has recently started using blockchain. Using blockchain is a trial with logistics service providers.

Working with logistics service providers Cornelissen and Kuehne+Nagel, Albert Heijn has undertaken a trial with blockchain in transport. The objective: to make logistics more sustainable and efficient. Smart blockchain technology is intended to achieve this during the Albert Heijn trial. Mark van der Drift, CEO of Cornelissen: “Smart blockchain technology replaces paperwork requiring people to walk distances to get stamps and signatures, so that everyone works with the same information all the time and acts on it.”

Mobile app linked to blockchain

A Proof of Concept was developed over six months during the pilot project, in the form of a mobile app linked to the blockchain. This solution takes paper out of the process, with Capgemini reporting that a potential saving of ‘many millions’ can be achieved. Suppliers save an average of 20 minutes per journey (the average is 70 journeys per day) and more than 1,000 sheets of A4 paper in six months.