Our strength

After almost nine decades the Cornelissen Company has become an integral part of logistics in the Netherlands. We push our boundaries daily with a field of activity stretching far beyond our national borders. Literally and figuratively. So our mission is rock-solid. To deliver and facilitate the best logistics solutions; that’s our driving force and that’s why we have grown. Sustainable, innovative and with the best possible service for our customer.

The power of advanced logistics solutions

The logistics sector is changing constantly, with a huge demand for innovation. Not only in sustainability, but also in efficiency and safety. That needs a pro-active attitude and changes in equipment and operational management. These developments have a major impact on the logistics sector’s way of thinking and doing business. Cornelissen Company is progressive, driven and innovative. We constantly seek out and implement progressive logistics solutions. We have formulated three pillars to this end. So we are ready for the future, and will continue to be!

The logistics sector

is constantly on the move

Cornelissen works smarter

We’re moving ahead with data services, cloud solutions, paperless working and smarter algorithms. Cornelissen Company has accommodated its entire IT environment in cloud-based services. That makes it possible to apply digital innovations fast in our environment. We work with the latest algorithms in our planning system, we have TMS, WMS and HR packages which work well, and we experiment with blockchain technologies and connected transport, the Simacan Control Tower for real-time track & trace, Dyzle temperature solutions, a modern BI and Finance environment for data analysis and logistic improvements, E-CMR to work without paper, and we constantly seek new technological innovations.

Cornelissen works cleaner

Achieving the energy transition in practice in an economically responsible way. With several Eco-combis, 30+ (Bio)LNG vehicles, electric trucks and several electric cooling trailers, we’re leading the way in the energy transition. We also have a very modern fleet at our disposal, with the most efficient engines.

With a properly-functioning green city hub and early morning or late evening distribution for a range of customers, we also ensure that we can further increase the sustainability of our operation efficiently, without having to deal with traffic jams. This has also yielded a Lean & Green star for more than 24% CO2 savings in 5 years’ time.

With a modern fleet,

we’re at the forefront of

the energy transition

Cornelissen works together

Creating and accelerating value requires a different way of working together and organising. Both within our company and with customers and logistics partners. We make employees who are responsible for value creation in the process key and focus on them. An organisation with strong shared services; scale where possible and also local involvement; close to where it’s needed.

Innovation in the logistics chain always comes about through cooperation. Everyone has their own role to play in this. Trust and transparency are the preconditions for success.