Focus on management,

environment and quality


Pallets are essential for transport and storage. That’s why Cornelissen Company created its own pallet company in 2006. Cornelissen Pallets only uses wooden pallets. Wood is a sustainable and strong raw material. Our pallets are manufactured from PEFC-certified wood produced sustainably. Cornelissen Pallets also meets all the quality requirements of the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

Pallets Cornelissen

Fully automated

Cornelissen Pallets’ sorting and repair process is fully automated and meets the highest quality standards. A brand-new sorting machine lets us sort up to 350 pallets per hour. The machine also has eight repair stations where we can quickly fix broken pallets.

LPR depot

Cornelissen Pallets is LPR’s partner in sorting and repairing LPR pool pallets. We handle the daily maintenance of LPR pallets with a modern sorting and repair line. High-quality pallets are essential in the logistics process when it comes to mechanised retail DCs. We play an essential role in this with our experience, quality controls and smart processes.

Purchasing and sales

Do you have a stock of pallets which you would like to sell? Cornelissen Pallets buys old and used pallets and recycles them. This is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Giving pallets a second life means fewer trees need to be felled and the lifespan of existing pallets is extended. Recycled pallets are sold at an attractive price after refurbishment.

Our experience, quality controls and

smart processes

play and essential role


Repairing pallets is often cheaper than buying new ones. We sort the pallets fully automatically by condition and then perform the repair. Repairing a pallet is manual work needing knowledge and discipline. Cornelissen Pallets’ staff check the construction and only use the strongest types of wood. After a repair a pallet has the right load strength once more.

Pallet management

Cornelissen Pallets undertakes all pallet management. You can choose whether you want to use the LPR pool or the europallet management. Once we manage your pallet pool, you will receive clear reports letting you keep track of pallet condition and associated costs. You’re also kept updated on movements and turnaround times.


Do you need (extra) pallets for a certain period? At Cornelissen Pallets you can rent pallets at a favourable rate. Our pallets are available in a range of sizes and freight strengths. Ask about the possibilities.


“When it comes to pallets, Cornelissen Pallets is where you need to be. As an official EPAL and LPR depot, we take over all your concerns when it comes to managing your pallet stocks. All our work is carried out in-house by our own employees. That means we can always deliver the same, consistent quality to you.”

– Martijn Hopman