Air freight

Polar Special excels in temperature-controlled transport – whatever the destination! Thanks to our cooperation with certified air freight partners we can provide temperature-controlled transport to intercontinental destinations. We can offer you a choice of pallets or groupage, but it is also possible to provide customised solutions. Polar Special can provide all your transport needs.

Temperature-controlled air freight

Over the years, Polar Special has built up a solid global network of transport partners. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with our partners, we can provide temperature-controlled air freight all over the world. Our air freight partners have the same certifications, which means that, regardless of the final destination, we can always guarantee the same level of quality that you are accustomed to receiving from us. We take care of transport to the airport and transfer the freight to our air freight partner. Naturally, the temperature of the load and all other quality factors are continuously monitored. We have insight into the temperature readings during the entire transport and adjust this where necessary. Besides taking care of the air freight, our partner also provides transportation from the airport to the final destination. Polar Special remains your sole point of contact at all times and bears full responsibility for the transportation of your freight. No border is too far thanks to our international network of transport partners.

A solid and

global network

of transport partners

The advantages of Polar Special air freight

  • Worldwide air-conditioned transport
  • Certified air freight partners
  • Always insight into temperature readings
  • Complete unburdening in the field of transport and warehousing
  • One partner and point of contact for the entire logistics process


“Polar Special is your partner for worldwide air-conditioned air freight. When you choose our logistics solutions you know that you can rely on a solid global network of transport partners and continuous quality. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for your company.”

– Harry Snoek