Road transport

The transportation of pharmaceutical products and high-value goods requires specific conditions, safety requirements, laws and regulations. These are all matters that Polar Special is all too familiar with and which are included in our streamlined processes. That is why time and again large health and pharmaceutical companies choose to do business with us. Polar Special knows the temperature-controlled road transport routes.

Temperature-controlled road transport

When transporting medicines and other temperature-sensitive products, temperature, humidity and hygiene are of great importance. We offer three types of transport: cold (+2 °C to +8 °C), temperature-controlled (+15 °C to +25 °C) and ambient. All our trailers are equipped with advanced temperature control systems. As soon as the temperature threatens to drop below or rise above the standard level an alarm immediately sounds. All our drivers are trained in-house according to GDP guidelines and are aware of the quality requirements in terms of temperature, safety and hygiene. Our vehicles also meet all GDP guidelines. They are equipped with FRC certified cold rooms, TAPA certified locks and advanced on-board computers. This means that we meet the highest safety requirements and quality standards in the area of temperature-controlled transport. Our dashboard always gives insight into the most current temperature reading regardless of where our vehicles are in the world.

Temperature, humidity
and hygiene
are vitally important

Europe and beyond

We have an extensive fleet of 300 trucks and travel to all corners of Europe and far beyond. Our drivers are specialised in specific routes, know the local culture and are familiar with local challenges. In addition to warehouse deliveries, thanks to our solid and international network of transport partners we can also deliver small packages containing pharmaceutical products to hospitals. Our network not only consists of partners in the area of road transport but also sea and air freight forwarding. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are a global specialist in the field of temperature-controlled transport.

Transport to Finland

Polar Special is a specialist in transportation services to Finland, among other destinations. Every week, more than 40 trucks drive up and down to our branch in Vantaa, just outside Helsinki. We use road transport to deliver pharmaceutical products and high-value goods. For the transportation of other goods we offer sea freight in addition to road transport. We offer FTL and LTL transport and our sea freight partner handles the route by sea.

Specialist in

transport to Finland

The advantages of Polar Special road transport

  • Advanced temperature-controlled trailers
  • A fleet of more than 300 trucks
  • A solid network of worldwide partners
  • Specialist in transport to Finland and other countries
  • Groupage and customised solutions
  • Complete unburdening in the field of transport and warehousing
  • One partner and point of contact for the entire logistics process


“Polar Special offers the complete logistics process – from transport to storage. Would you like to know more about the services we provide, for example because you are interested in expanding your business abroad, or are you simply curious about the options in the area of temperature-controlled road transport? Feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to tell you what Polar Special can do for your company.”

– Harry Snoek