Sea freight

Polar Special specialises in temperature-controlled road transport but, thanks to its solid network of partners, we also provide sea freight services. We take care of the transportation of your goods to the port. Our certified sea freight partner takes over from there. However, we remain in control of your consignment at all times and continue to be your sole point of contact. Due to the cooperation with our sea freight and air freight partners we can state with pride that Polar Special is a worldwide transport partner.

Air-conditioned sea freight

When transporting pharmaceutical products and high-value goods, aspects such as temperature, hygiene and safety are of great importance. This not only applies to road transport, but also to transportation by sea. Polar Special works with certified sea freight partners for the transportation of your goods by sea. During the entire transportation process the conditions that affect freight quality, such as temperature and hygiene, are closely monitored. Our partner controls the temperature and gives us insight into the temperature readings. During the entire process Polar Special takes care of the coordination and communication around the transport. It means that you will have just one point of contact. This makes it more convenient for everyone.

A single point of contact,

that’s so convenient

Customised worldwide sea freight

Where costs are a major factor, transporting products per container is a good alternative. Sea transport takes longer on average but generally it is often cheaper. Polar Special takes care of transportation to various destinations around the world. Our sea freight services are always customised to your needs. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of transportation by sea container. Our specialists will be happy to discuss the best possible route with you.

The advantages of Polar Special sea freight

  • Worldwide sea freight
  • Specialist in sea freight from Finland
  • Certified sea freight partners
  • Always insight into temperature readings
  • Complete unburdening in the field of warehousing and transport
  • One partner and point of contact for the entire logistics process


“If your company exports pharmaceutical products or high value goods and you are looking for a total partner for the logistics process, look no further. You have come to the right place at Polar Special. Contact us for more information about the possibilities for your company.”

– Harry Snoek