The storage of medicines and other pharmaceutical products requires a controlled, safe and precise approach. The right temperature, relative humidity and safety measures are essential to guarantee the quality of these products. Polar Special has been a leading specialist in the storage of pharmaceutical and temperature-sensitive products since 1977 and knows the meaning of perfect conditions like no other.

Temperature-controlled warehouses

Our advanced warehouses in Nijmegen have various storage conditions: cold storage (+2 °C to +8 °C), temperature-controlled storage (+15 °C to +25 °C) and ambient storage. All compartments are equipped with modern Dyzle security systems that monitor and record the temperature 24/7. An alarm will immediately sound in the event of a minimal temperature deviation and our staff will intervene. This means we can always provide our clients with a full report of the recorded temperatures and guarantee a constant quality.

Modern security systems monitoring

and recording temperatures 24/7

Certified warehouses

Polar Special’s warehouses are fully certified. This means that our processes are so adjusted that the quality of pharmaceutical products is guaranteed. The storage of medicines and pharmaceutical products must be carried out with care and precision and requires specialist knowledge. Our employees are therefore trained in-house to follow strict guidelines and have to sit an exam every year. This is how we offer the very best conditions for the storage of temperature-sensitive products, such as pharmaceutical products and high value goods.

The advantages of Polar Special warehousing

  • A fully-certified warehouse partner
  • More than 25,000 m2 of storage capacity
  • Cross-docking options
  • Wholesale license and bonded warehouse
  • Complete service in the field of warehousing and transport
  • One partner and point of contact for the entire logistics process


“Are you looking for a reliable, flexible and experienced partner for the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products and temperature-sensitive goods? And is involvement, attention and expertise important to you? You have come to the right place at Polar Special. Would you like to know more about Polar Special warehousing? Feel free to contact us. One of our warehouse specialists will be happy to help you.”

– Harry Snoek