Distribution work is a major sport for Ahold. That’s why we only work with the best transporters in the Netherlands.

Our focus is on complete and timely delivery of goods to our shops and customers, in an exceptionally challenging environment.

Quiet, safe, efficient and clean delivery demands a ‘better every day’ performance culture combined with smart innovations in processes, fleets and transport organization.

Ahold has opted to improve the everyday surroundings of our customers sustainably and to make this a strategic pillar of its operations. The teamwork to make these innovations possible, between manufacturers, fuel suppliers, Ahold and its carriers, can only occur on the basis of strategic cooperation.

For years Cornelissen has been one of our strategic carriers, whose operational flexibility and the innovative strength of its fleet matches our mission seamlessly: quiet, safe, efficient and clean transportation. Impressive advances have been made in the company in recent years. The growth which has taken place, both inside and outside Ahold, has created further professionalism in the Cornelissen group. It’s now a national player of renown. We regard our cooperation with Cornelissen Transport with a great deal of confidence in the future.


Over the years Cornelissen has grown alongside us, and time and again has been able to fulfill our very specific requirements. Cornelissen is customer-oriented, and knows what’s important for us. Of perhaps even greater importance is that Cornelissen’s drivers feel enormously involved. So they represent not just Cornelissen, but our company as well. From our branches we only receive positive signals about the drivers’ customer-oriented attitudes.

The fleet is modern and is kept up-to-date. We also see Cornelissen taking the lead in introducing cleaner vehicles. So it’s good to note that Cornelissen has been active in launching a pilot project with us with LNG vehicles, and that it continues to persuade us to consider the introduction of LHVs.

In short, we regard Cornelissen as a sound and reliable company which does what it promises.