Shop distribution

Delivering properly in the bustle of the city: a major challenge

Shop distribution requires precision. There’s little or no time margin for delivering goods. Cornelissen works with advanced ICT solutions precisely in accordance with the JIT principle, which has helped it to gain the trust of the major players in the Dutch market such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Kruidvat.

A major challenge

In the centre of the city or on the busy highways, our drivers always deliver the goods to the shop branches as arranged, and unload correctly in consultation with the client. Knowing how to deal with the staff, the shopping public and often almost impossible local traffic situations, is what makes the Cornelissen driver stand out.

The vehicles for this specific city distribution meet the increasingly strict environmental demands. A great deal of attention is also devoted to this. Just as we devote attention to every aspect of the distribution chain.

“Cornelissen is a sound company which does what it promises”

Marcel Evers, Manager Warehouse Operations, A.S. Watson
Marcel Evers, Manager Warehouse Operations, A.S. Watson

Over the years Cornelissen has grown alongside us, and time and again has been able to fulfil our very specific requirements. Cornelissen is customer-oriented, and knows what’s important for us. Of perhaps even greater importance is that Cornelissen’s drivers feel enormously involved. So they represent not just Cornelissen, but our company as well. From our branches we only receive positive signals about the drivers’ customer-oriented attitudes.

The fleet is modern and is kept up-to-date. We also see Cornelissen taking the lead in introducing cleaner vehicles. So it’s good to note that Cornelissen has been active in launching a pilot project with us with LNG vehicles, and that it continues to persuade us to consider the introduction of LHVs.

In short, we regard Cornelissen as a sound and reliable company which does what it promises.