Progressive logistics is not just about what we do; it’s mainly about how we do it together. Which norms and values fit an innovative logistics organisation alongside the cosiness of a family business?

#teamcornelissen represents learning together, travelling together and winning together.

One team together

Our people from #teamcornelissen are at the core in our organisation. Drivers, pallet repairers, the planners, people in our logistics centres, that’s where the real value of our company is created. Naturally we can’t achieve this without excellent support from HR, ICT, quality, administration and finance, vehicle fleet and project organisation. By building our company from the bottom up in small-scale and self-organising teams, the connection, appreciation and attention for our customers and people have all melded together in a growing and innovative organisation. Locally relevant and close where it can, and the efficiency of scale where it’s needed.

As #teamcornelissen we build together, every day, with enormous enjoyment, to further strengthen our brand. We’re all proud of that! That’s what #teamcornelissen represents.

Better together every day. 

We’re proud of that

Our values:

  • We enjoy our work
  • We move forward together
  • We do it better every day
  • We work towards a meaningful result
  • We are close
  • I am Cornelissen