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Transport is embedded deep within Cornelissen’s DNA. Every day we ensure that our customers’ goods are delivered on time and in accordance with the right conditions. We stand out from other players in the market with our advanced logistics solutions. We devote lots of time, attention and care to research and to implementing new techniques. Now and in the future, this lets us offer our customers smart and sustainable transport services of the highest quality. Every single day.

What we can do for you

Smart transport

The logistics sector is constantly on the move, both literally and figuratively. There are few other sectors where innovation is so important. On the one hand, innovation offers increasing opportunities in efficiency, sustainability and safety, while requirements and regulations keep growing on the other. This evolution has a major impact on the way we work together and do business within the logistics sector. Innovation begins with data and process transparency. Alongside our customers, we consider just how to achieve savings by working together more intelligently. That’s why we keep reducing paperwork in favour of the latest technologies, algorithms and cloud solutions. That’s how we’re making our infrastructure and logistics solutions steadily smarter.

Savings by
working together
more intelligently.

Customer case: Albert Heijn

Development of an app based on blockchain technology, set up by Cornelissen with Capgemini, Kuehne + Nagel and Albert Heijn, for transport between resource and distribution centres. “A central app lets everyone see what’s actually happening, which truck is leaving or which loading dock is free. It’s more efficient, because drivers and logistics staff now organise the work themselves, paperless. Now the responsibility lies where the value creation takes place. Job satisfaction is also growing as a result. And we think that’s smart!”


Clean transport

Cornelissen Company is unrivalled in appreciating the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship. We work alongside a range of new technology and infrastructure parties to ease the environmental burden and enhance safety. Our company has many years of experience with electric vehicles and electric zero-emission cooling trailers. A green city hub for the Nijmegen metropolitan region was built back in 2011. This logistics decoupling point makes it possible to drive to the city efficiently without any traffic jams, and then to supply the city centre with a sustainable and quiet vehicle. We also took the lead in introducing alternative fuels, with more than 30 LNG trucks and various Eco-combis. This led to our being awarded one of the first Lean & Green Star Awards in 2013, for an externally-certified CO2 reduction of -24% within 5 years.

Easing the environmental burden through
new technologies and


“It takes a clear vision of the market and the right means to deliver transport of the highest quality. Cornelissen Transport knows the market inside out, and is unrivalled at knowing just where your company’s opportunities lie.”

– Bobby Bright