Cornelissen Academy

Cornelissen Transport operates in a challenging labour market where finding good employees is difficult. This spurred developing and launching the Cornelissen Academy, an internal training section within our transport branch that selects, trains and offers prospects to candidates. Cornelissen drivers grow to become outstanding drivers under the guidance of a certified CBR instructor and qualified LHV trainer. There are also specially-trained mentor drivers associated with the Cornelissen Academy. New employees are guided by them, to gain a good picture of the possibilities and the activities.

Alongside its own Code 95 training courses, the Cornelissen Academy provides various other courses for its drivers. These teach them to drive more safely, to save fuel with smarter techniques and insights, and they explain damage and stress prevention. These are tailor-made training courses, compiled individually and geared to the daily practice of our drivers.

Safer driving,

saving fuel

Cornelissen Transport guarantees the high quality of its drivers thanks to conducting its own training. The enthusiasm is high, and the approach leads to committed and qualified drivers. Among other things this is due to the good equipment the Academy uses, such as modern and ultra-efficient trucks with dual controls and extra seats in the cabin.

That’s how we move forward together every day. For and by our drivers.