Retail distribution

Every day hundreds of trucks leave Cornelissen Transport for branches of well-known retail chains like Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Kruidvat. Supplying supermarkets and shops needs extensive knowledge, just-in-time delivery and a high degree of flexibility. Cornelissen Transport meets the challenges of retail distribution today and tomorrow with experienced drivers, a modern fleet and a focus on safety and innovative ICT solutions.

Dynamics of the city

Supplying shops isn’t always easy. Many outlets are situated in urban areas that are difficult to reach. Cornelissen Transport’s drivers have unrivalled knowledge of how to deliver and unload goods under strict time constraints and in a busy environment. Naturally they always take account of the shopping public and local residents.

Delivering and unloading goods under
strict time

Sustainable supply

Cornelissen Transport has invested heavily in sustainable transport in recent years. All our vehicles meet the strictest environmental requirements set by the government and municipalities. More than 30 trucks now run on LNG, and we have several Eco-combis at our disposal. We have significantly reduced our CO2 emissions with both types of vehicle. We also have several city hubs, letting us supply shops in urban areas with smaller vehicles. As a co-signatory of the zero-emission Green Deal, we focus our efforts on the goal of being able to supply city shops with zero emissions by 2025.

The benefits of Cornelissen store distribution:

  • Reliable just-in-time delivery
  • Internally-trained drivers with extensive knowledge and experience
  • Smart transport solutions for city centres
  • Efficient transport through late evening and early morning distribution among others
  • Sustainable transport with LNG trucks and Eco-combis
  • A single partner and point of contact for the entire logistics process
  • Better together every day


“With an extensive fleet, modern distribution centres and advanced ICT solutions, we provide supply transport for large retail names such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Kruidvat. This is a truly top-class sporting achievement. We deliver an outstanding performance as a team, every day.”

– Bobby Bright