Value Added Logistics

For Cornelissen Logistics, warehousing is more than just the storage and retrieval of goods. It’s a dynamic process that can add enormous value to a company’s supply chain. How? By offering extra services, such as labelling, packaging, repackaging, collating and checking products. These are just a few examples; there are plenty of other smart solutions and services to make your distribution process better and more efficient. We call that Value Added Logistics.

Quality inspections

Mistakes are always preventable. Having your products checked in the warehouse means no products will be delivered to your customer or in the shop that don’t meet the quality requirement. We carry out quality inspections, random or not, and check for any transport damage.

Checking for quality,

damage and more…

Packing and repacking

Your product contains no packaging, or it’s not in the correct packaging? We pack or repackage the product and deliver your products at the pallet or package level.


Your products directly ready for sale? We label your product with the correct information, barcode or price. That means the product can go directly from the box to the shelf.


Do you have a special offer, or you want to highlight certain products from your range? Then a shop display is often an attractive option. Assembling the display in the warehouse means it can be used immediately.

The benefits of Cornelissen Value Added Logistics

  • More efficient distribution process
  • Fully certified
  • Experienced employees
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • A single partner and point of contact for your entire supply chain


“Warehousing today is more than just the storage of goods. There are so many possibilities for adding value to your logistics chain. The Cornelissen Logistics team works alongside you, spotting opportunities that help to move your company forward. That really is our strength.”

– Twan Fransman